Monday, April 30, 2007

Ricki Lake is Alive. No, Really.

Did you know Ricki Lake was still alive? No really, she is. I actually just won a bet too. Last week me and a friend made a bet. I said Ricki Lake was alive and my friend (Jesus) said that Ricki Lake was dead. Now, figuring that Jesus would probably know if she was dead I decided to go "opposites" and say, "alive." Well look who was right!?! Me! Me -1, Jesus - 0.

Ricki Lake was as the premiere of "The Business of Being Born" at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. I'm pretty sure only two of those words were actually real, but I digress. I'm going to assume that that movie must have sucked because the only two stars on the red carpet were Ricki Lake and Myra Radzinki. I'm pretty sure only one of those people are actually real, but I digress. Anyway, seeing Ricki Lake really got me to thinking. She's totally the original Tyra Banks. All that Tyra Banks is, is Ricki Lake 2.0. That will be Tyra's new nickname from now on. I hope you like it, if not please don't read any more of my Tyra, er..I mean Ricki Lake 2.0 posts. Ever.

Who Shot Ricki Lake!?!


Chris said...

I KNEW that was her. This was in Chelsea. I was across the street watching and I wondered if that was her.

What I really want to know, is how can celebrities not go blind from all those flashbulbs? I'd be falling into walls after that.

Mica said...

Yeah... She was at the premier because it's HER movie. And why no other stars? Because it's a DOCUMENTARY. You're not too bright, are ya?