Thursday, May 10, 2007

America's Next Top Model: The Woods People

Jenny, the IBBB resident "America's Next Top Model recapper" is back this week with her thoughts on last nights episode. Looks like the models are still in Australia and doing every stereotypical Australian thing you can do. This time they wind up in the woods of Australia and learn from the "woods people." Interesting, yet not so. Here's Jenny's recap:
  • Nice. In the opening scene, Natasha is making out with her cell phone because her husband is on the other end. Asinine. This is more pathetic than the make-out sessions I've seen during "last call."
  • The girls then trek through the woods and I mistake all of the models legs for sticks and branches.
  • "Woods People" show up and tell the girls they need to tell a "dance story" for their challenge, using body paint. If it was me, I would paint "Yankees Suck" on my forehead and "dance tell" the story of the biggest choke in sports history.
  • Nee Nee (Renee) wins the challenge. Why are they still using their aliases? Are they being followed by the Woods People?
  • For the photo shoot, the girls must do ANOTHER dance story, while a "world renowned" photographer takes the pics. At this point I am getting bored and flip to MTV because I need to get a new song in my head. I had a milkshake for lunch and have had that foolish song stuck in my head all day.
  • Natasha is sick with the flu for her photo shoot. Of course Jay takes this opportunity to tell her a story all about how Tyra was sick once. And SHE was able to push that aside and deliver a flawless performance. What a hero Tyra is.
  • Honestly, Natasha's hair should be declared a national disaster. Aren't there professionals on hand? Why does this girl's hair look like this?
  • Blah, blah, blah Dionne gets the old heave-ho….or heave-hoe if you will. But hang on to your underpants Peanuts Gang….the season finale is next week!

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