Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Britney Wears a Hat in the Pool

Can fake hair not get wet? There's a lot I need to learn I guess. When I was little, my cousin brought her doll in the pool and hours later the hair turned green and fell out due to the chemicals. I guess this is the same thing? Britney took off her clothes, but left on her molester hat when she went for a little dip in the pool at the Raleigh Hotel after her "performance" in Orlando. Can you molest with a hat in the pool? That's danger. I wonder if Britney is going all 6's and 7's again. If she's having another breakdown I'm not sure we'll really be able to tell. I mean, what do you do after shaving your head? Oh! Eyebrows! I hope she shaves off her eyebrows. A hairless Spears.

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