Thursday, May 31, 2007

Britney Wears Her Lingerie Outside

Britney was out and about yesterday wearing but I can only imagine is Claire Huckstable's lingerie. No joke, I think that's what Claire used to wear to bed in almost all of the Cosby episodes. She used to "sass" Cliff Huckstable when she'd wear that. Oh, and by "sass" I really mean "sass." As a side note, why does Britney always carry everything she owns? I feel like every picture I see of her consists of her carrying like 20 different things. Seriously, by a bag retard. Or, she could always store some of that junk in her wig, which seems to be getting bigger and longer by the day. As a second side note, Britney was recently filmed by the paparazzi saying that she hopes Lindsay is ok and that her car really looked messed up and it was scary. Really? Britney Spears is now the person to go to when celebrities enter rehab? Seriously? Isn't this the same girl who was rumored to have puked on herself in a club the other night and had to be carried out by her friends? Yeah, thanks for the "well wishes" Britney.
Who Shot Claire Huckstables Lingerie?!?

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