Friday, May 25, 2007

Captain Britney Spears

Britney spent a little time white-trashing up a boat the other day in Marina del Ray, which I believe is Spanish for "wait 1 hour to swim after you eat." My Spanish is a little rusty so "Marina del Rey" could mean something else, but I digress. Britney surprisingly was with her cousin, Alli, and her two sons - "what's his face" and "the other one." I'm glad that Britney wore her official captains hat. Why do people always "dress like a captain" when they're on a boat? I'll never understand. Spend some time on a yacht or a cruise ship and you'll always see those people who will only wear white and blue clothes and they'll always have little anchors on their shirt or pants. Seriously, why? What's the desperate need to feel like if you're on a boat you must dress like you live on the ocean? It must have something to do with being on the water because you never see passengers on an airplane dressed like the flight attendants.

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