Friday, May 18, 2007

Carmen Electra: Just Because

Hey it's Friday and sometimes you need a little change of pace from the Paris Hilton and Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx photos. How about a little Carmen Electra at a bikini photo shoot and high-heels...all at the same time. She really pulled out a brilliant performance with this one. Good for her. In actually Carmen Electra news, Carmen has just joined that cast of "Christmas in Wonderland," a new movie that will be filmed at a Canadian mall. This new movie will "star" Patrick Swayze (really?) and is about a family's Christmas caper after they move to Canada from Los Angeles. Seriously? That's a movie? No joke, I could have come up with that. Who are the people who decide what movies are made. Get me in touch with them. I have a few ideas that can't be worse than that one.

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