Thursday, May 24, 2007

Demi Huh? Ashton Huh? Talulah Huh?

Not much to say about Demi, Ashton, and Demi's daughter Talulah Belle at the opening of "Mr. Brooks" in LA the other day. Actually, there are a few things to say and they all start with "huh?" Huh, how much plastic surgery has Demi had that none of her kids look like her? Huh, why is Ashton Kutcher wearing the same headband (yes, headband) that Lisa Turtle used to wear in almost 95% of the episodes of Saved By the Bell? Huh, are 13 year girls allowed to dress like they're skanks? If my 13 year old daughter ever left the house like that to go to a red carpet event in LA I would have locked her in her mansion room. Well, I don't have a daughter and if I did I doubt she would be invited to a red carpet event and if I did lock her in her room it wouldn't have been in a mansion, but you get what I mean. Also, as a side note, why does Talulah kinda look like Beavis? Can cartoons impregnate real people? See you in hell everyone!


Anonymous said...

she looks like butthead

AlexRoxUrSox said...

HAHA! You have an effing awesom blog!
Plus the gossip is a cherry on the top

gwen said...

Did you ever think that MAYBE the reason Tallulah doesn't resemble her mom is because she looks like daddy? She looks just like Bruce to me.
And the dress isn't as horrific as you make it out to be; it could be a little bitty tight-fitting, midriff baring two-piece but it's not.
I can't explain Ashton, but there's nothing wrong with the girls in this pic.