Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Drew Barrymore's Friend Suffers From "Sudden Cameltoe Disease" (SCD)

Well, it looks like not only can celebrities suffer from cameltoe, but also friends of celebrities can suffer from cameltoe as well. You know what that means? Yup. It's contagious. I know, sad news. As I write about this air-born/contagious cameltoe sickness I am already starting a charity walk and charity gold tournament to raise money to find a cure for contagious cameltoe. Please donate, now. Every penny helps. Well, the penny doesn't help, but surely a nickle and a dime might. Scratch that, send at least $20.00. Moving on, Drew Barrymore and her friend were walking around Hollywood the other day, perhaps coming from the gym? Who cares, really. The only reason I posted this was so that we could play "The ImBringingBloggingBack Celebrity Cameltoe Rating the Stars!" While her friend isn't famous, hopefully this will make her famous. That's right, I'm giving Drew's friend 4 out of 5 camels. What an honor this must be for her. What an absolute honor. P.S, there's a war out there. I know.

Who Shot That Toe!?

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