Friday, May 25, 2007

Howard Stern to Take Dirt Nap?

As I'm still somewhat new to NYC and don't know the normal radio stations yet, I find comfort in my Sirius Sattelite radio, which to me is as loved as my Tivo is. Like a parent with their children, I love all my gadgets equally. Anyway, with that said I typically listen to Howard Stern in the morning, but clearly missed something huge that was discussed that I had to learn from my blogging friend over at CityRag.

When Artie and Howard were talking about depression and past bouts with depression, Howard stated that he had a gun in his mouth twice before. The others in the studio were a bit shocked, clearly, and Howard just stated that he has some dark days in the past and then he quickly moved on. Since even I can't make a funny joke about that, let's move on to some other Howard Stern Show news...

Artie Lange, Howard's sidekick, informed listeners that he is quitting the show and will be leaving this coming January. Uh, wouldn't a two-week notice suffice? Artie has been working a bit on the TV show "Rescue Me" and "Entourage" and has just felt a little burnt out. Have you called Jenny yet?

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