Tuesday, May 29, 2007

...In Other News...

So I was about to sign-in to my Myspace account when I was confronted with this horrific picture on the homepage. Uh, does something look a little weird about that picture. I mean it's easy to throw in a few "Ellen" jokes with this one, but really...is this the best picture they could have come up with? Creepy. In other news...

~ Madonna Directs Her Face Off...Literally ~ CelebritySmack
~ Jessica Simpson Pulls a Debbie Downer in Cabo ~ DListed
~ Courtney Love Wants Pete Doherty ~ AgentBedHead
~ Jessica Alba is Chilly ~ NinjaDude
~ An Olsen Has a Boyfriend. Papooli Still Dead. ~ DrukenStepFather
~ Eva Longoria Suffers Because She's Hot ~ GabSmash
~ Enter to Win Some Rescue Me Crap! ~ PopBytes
~ Retro Jessica Simpson ~ Glunp
~ Britney Tans it Up ~ ImNotObsessed
~ Shanna Moakler Does Maxim ~ POTP


DebilDog said...

Is it just me or does Blake look like he's wearing a huge set of false teeth?

Anonymous said...

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