Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lindsay at Promises Rehab

Seriously, the folks over at Splash News Online must have photographers living in the trees around Promise of a New Day Rehab because they snapped Lindsay on her first day of rehab. Awww that's cute. I hope Dina packed her lunch and by "lunch" I mean thermos filled with coke. Oh and by "coke" I mean cocaine. Wait a minute, maybe this is all a set up. Maybe there's some secret reality show being filmed right now staring Britney, Lindsay, and Paris. If not, there totally should be.


Anonymous said...

Sure, she's a trashbag. But how about you don't post the pics of her in rehab - then the photographers won't have anyone to sell them to - and then she'll get some piece and quiet. The girl has got an addiction, she needs help, not sarky comments.

that's what she said...

Hey Anonymous (nice name by the way), lighten up...this is a HUMOROUS website. Go sell crazy someplace else.

Anonymous said...

1. what does Sarky even mean?!?!?

2. Trashbag...correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds a bit SARKY to me. You know, glass houses and all.

3. The girl has millions of dollars not an addiction. Cry me a river. Let me introduce you to someone who has real good friend Christ. He had a tough life but you don't see him with no pants on sniffing coke and crying "I have an addiction it's not my fault it's really hard with people taking my picture all day...."

MissyZ said...

Seriously, if LL knew there was a razzi sitting in the trees she would have turned and flashed her famous peace sign... along with her crackhead smile.

She eats this shit up, no addict pitty parties here!!!

Nice name aka anonymous said...

Ok, ok, I relent. You all have your point. Although she might just need a "rehabilitation" from her paparazzi addiction, dontcha think?

Sarky = short for sarcastic
Sorry, not really an American terms I guess.