Monday, May 07, 2007

Lindsay Lohan. Coke. Toilet.

Who wants to see grainy pictures of Lindsay No Pants sitting on a toilet? I do! I do! Thanks to the brilliance of camera cell phones, one of Lindsay's "friends" was kind enough to video tape her doing some lines of coke in a bathroom, helping her friend do a line of coke off her finger, and then this "friend" was kind enough to tell all of Lindsay's secrets to whoever would listen. Here's the recap on what this "friend" is saying about Lindsay:
  • Lindsay is spiraling out of control
  • She snorted 20 lines of coke in one night alone
  • Lindsay typically does coke and then strips down to nothing but her thong and then does more coke off of tables and toilets
  • Lindsay has Vodka and soda in her water bottle that she carries around with her all the time
  • She had sex with James Blunt, Jude Law, Joaquin Phoenix, Benicio del Toro, Jared Leto, and James Franco

Awww, that was nice of her friend so say such nice things about her. She should save it though for Lindsay's birthday card. Oh well, it's sweet anyway. Moving on, these pictures are a little off to me. Sure that looks like Lindsay No Pants in the pictures, but it doesn't really show her doing any coke. Basically, it just shows her sitting on a toilet and looking at that other chick try to play the "pull my finger" game. As a side note, that game is always a real hoot. Anyway, if all of this is true I am excited for the day when Lindsay and Paris can be bunk-makes in prison. I think they'll have a really good time together. I wonder if it's as fun to do a line of coke off a prison toilet or if it's has entertaining to shove your coke filled finger up the nose of your new prison roommate named Bertha who weighs a good 450 and wants you to become her "dance partner" in prison? Stay tuned...

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