Thursday, May 17, 2007

Maxim's Top 100 Random Party

How we live in a world where Lindsay Lohan is voted the #1 hottest woman in the world is beyond me. Sure she's not horrible, but I can think of a good 372 woman that are hotter than her. I mean, where does Sally Jesse Raphael fall into this list? Anyway, the Maxim Hot 100 party took place last night at the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC and, no I wasn't invited. However it's just as fun to look at the pictures online. It's just like being there. Trust me. I always love to see some of the people who go to these things. Of course you get Lindsay, but you also get others like Kathy Griffin and Ice Tea and Coco. Yeah. Exactly. How do they decide who makes the cut at these parties? Moving personal favorite is, of course, Avril Lavigne. (Please insert sarcastic overtone in the following sentences.) She is so bad-ass. I mean look at how she's still rebelling against society. She's wearing black and plaid and even has black raccoon eyes. What a "punk rocker" as the "kids" are saying these days.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to Avril Lavigne, people need to realize, she is totally NOT trying to be like other people, she is her own person. Trying to catagorize her is just plain silly. There may be others like her, she may be somewhat like other people, but she's just Avril. Like it or not, she's highly respected and well loved. Dont like it? Go cry to someone who cares.

Don Juana said...

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