Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss USA Goes Down For the Crown

In non-Lindsay Lohan news, Miss USA was willing to do anything it took in order to win the Miss Universe competition last night, including going down to win the crown. The "competition" which took place in Mexico City was where poor little Miss USA, Rachel Smith, took a digger while showing off her dress. Personally, I like how she did a bit of a bounce and leg kick all at the same time. I do think, though, that she would have taken the crown if she did a superman fall as opposed to just a "sit-down-bounce." Maybe next time she'll plan it a little better. Also bonus points for whoever added this clip to YouTube. Their camera skills are as good as my photoshopping skills. By the way, what the hell is the Miss Universe competition anyway? Why "universe?" Isn't that exaggerating a little bit? Is Donald Trump behind this too?


Anonymous said...

People falling down are funny..plastic beauty queens falling down, now that's HILARIOUS!


Anonymous said...

Trump bought and took over the pagent several years ago. It's been called Miss Universe for decades.