Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Prostitute Has Sean Preston Spears!

At first look I thought that Sean Preston Spears-Federline had been kidnapped by a prostitute (a.k.a. street-walking-whore), but then I realized hey wait a minute that's not a street-walking-whore, that's his mom, Britney Spears! I say, good for her. I mean if you're going to be a prostitute it doesn't mean that you can't bring your kid with you as you walk the streets and turn a few tricks. With the high cost of daycare these days it only makes financial sense to bring your kid along for the ride. And just think about it, Sean Preston can hold the money while Britney turns her trick. It's a real win-win in my eyes.

Ok, ok, so Britney was with her son yesterday as she finished up dance rehearsal at Millennium again in North Hollywood. Yeah, not has interesting as the "prostitute theory" huh?


Chris said...

She makes me ill. Leggings OVER cowboy boots? Bitch needs an intervention--and a new pair of fishnet stockings.

Somewhere in London, Madonna is laughing hysterically.

Anonymous said...

I'm struck by the kid's body language - he looks totally uncomfortable. He's not embracing her or "wrapping" himself around her, as most kids do when their mom is holding them. Or is it just me?