Friday, May 25, 2007

Sharon Osbourne Likes to Say #$%! and *$#!@

I love a woman who swears like a truck driver and Sharon Osbourne fits the bill time and time again. This time, Sharon is teeing off on Gene Simmons after Simmons publicly criticized her family. So, Sharon went to Blender Magazine and fired back stating: "He said that our kids are on drugs and that his kids aren't messed up like that." Sharon then continues to make fun of Simmons' girlfriend, Sharon Tweed, saying: "His wife's snatch has been rubbed on every pole in LA. I'll f*cking tear his head off and stick it up his wife's c**t." Yeah, time to play fill in the blank, but I think you can all do that. See, now I would have said something a little different. I would have said, "His wife's %$^$ can be seen in every @&!# at $%@!@. I'll take his $#$#% and put it on a @!%$! and show it to his wife's #$@!"

See, you too can play the "Sharon Osbourne: Insert Your Swear Words Here" game. It's fun to play with the whole family. Ages 2-12 need not apply.

Who Said That!?!

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