Friday, May 11, 2007

There Should Be a Rocky 7

Clearly there should be a "Rocky 7" just from these pictures alone. It's good to see an old man with a mullet. Rocky was in London doing a little shopping yesterday when these pictures were snapped. This really got me to thinking. We should take all the old movies and demand they doing another with the same actors. For example, how about a Karate Kid Part 5 with the original "Danielson?" Hell, even dig up Pat Morita if you have to. How about a Goonies 2? You know all those guys aren't working and would probably be available to work.
P.S Rocky looks like a pedophile.


that's what she said...

Brilliant. I bet we could also get the "Corey's" to work on License to Drive II

Anonymous said...

I'd still do him..