Friday, May 18, 2007

Tyra is No Walk in the Park

Your favorite, Tyra Banks, was spending a little time walking around NYC before her "upfronts," whatever that is. Anyway, while it's always fun to toss a few jabs at Tyra for, well, just being Tyra, Janice Dickinson is clearly not a fan of Tyra. In a recent interview, Janice Dickinson claims that Tyra is jealous of her good looks and success and even said that Tyra wears too much makeup. Janice continued on by saying that it was a piece of cake modeling for Victoria Secret instead of modeling for Vogue like Janice has done. Janice, the old judge of America's Next Top Model, states that she was fired and that:

"I'd rather be an honest bitch…I made the show number one in 52 countries. And then I got the sack, and the UPN executives replaced me with Twiggy. No one in America knows who Twiggy is. There's no way anyone could fill my shoes. There's no way… Tyra's no walk in the park. Tyra's really righteous."
Uh oh, Tyra is gonna be pissed when she hears this! I mean, she'll certainly take the time to talk about it, as talking about herself is Tyra's favorite extracurricular activity. Tyra.

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