Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is American Idol Even About?

Seriously, what is American Idol even about anymore? I get that the first night is about the singing. It's also about Paula Abdul jumbling her words and clapping, but I digress. The second night is a complete train-wreck. The results take about 11 seconds, the remaining hour is a mix between Sabado Gigante on the Spanish channel and one long commercial. No joke. I feel like all they do is try to sell me crap and get me to watch other TV shows and movies. For example, last night Bill Maher was in the audience. Why? Oh, and then Jessica Alba showed up to promote her move (I think it was The Karate Kid Part 5). Ok fine, it was good to see her. Then Michael Chiklis was there. Is he still in The Commish? Of course there was plenty of time for the American Idol kids to awkwardly sing as a group and do horrific dance moves. Well, they aren't so much "dance moves" as they are them just walking in circle, single-file, for some odd reason. I'm glad they saved time for Barry Gibb to sing a song. Yes, Barry Gibb. I mean all the gold that he had on (fingers, wrist, neck) was totally worth it. He seemed so happy to be singing on stage. I was embarrassed for him...and myself a little. Later (in the last 2 minutes) they announce that Lakisha will be going home....hopefully for a nice set of braces. I will never get that hour of my life back again, ever. Fine, I'll watch next week.

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