Monday, June 04, 2007

Getting to Know YOU

I always seem to get questions emailed to me wanting to know more about me and my life, etc. I try to answer as many of your emails as I can, but spending your days hunting the streets of NYC for the Olsen skanks his basically a full-time job. So now I'm turning the tables with a new little segment called, "Getting to Know YOU." Notice how the "you" is in all caps? Yeah, that's how I roll. So what is "Getting to Know You" you ask? Good question. Through the magic of websites I can tell how every visitor has arrived to my site. While most visitors are just typing ImBringingBloggingBack into their browser, many arrive from other websites and then there is my most favorite visitor; the visitor who arrives to IBBB via a search engine (Google, Yahoo!, etc). So what words are they typing in to randomly arrive here? Well let's take a look. Oh, please note these are legit things that people have typed in over the past month to get here. No joke, yet it is funny:

  • Natasha mail order bride, America's Next Top Model
  • Have Elizabeth Hasselbeck's boobs gotten bigger?
  • Celebrity Cameltoe
  • Lindsay Lohan farts
  • How to catch hepatitis
  • I love Misty 120's
  • Is Fergie white?
  • Cathy Santone
  • Carpet match the drapes
  • Oprah wears a chain belt
  • Cami's boobs
  • What does Judge Judy think of Rosie O'Donnell
  • The hell with it, get divorced
  • Tractor suspenders
  • Inflatable pelican
  • Bozo hula hoop
  • Excuses for a black eye
  • Charo as a frog
  • Wearing a hat at a AA meeting

....and finally, my personal favorite for the week:

  • Is it good to vomit?

Wow there are some sick people out there, me being one of them. Don't believe me about any of the above? Search Google and see for yourself. Brilliant. Sick bastards.


that's what she said...

Who would have thought my inflatable pelican would still bring such joy after all these years? I love you infalatable pelican!

Tara said...

How can I do this with my blog? It's like a reverse search, no?