Friday, June 01, 2007

...In Other News...

Wanna see Heidi's boobs from "The Hills?" No you say? Well if Playboy has anything to do with it, you'll totally see her boobs. Heidi has been offered $1 million to show a little rack-attack. Well her boyfriend, Steve Sanders, is spreading this rumor to anyone and everyone who will listen. Really? $1 million? If Heidi could promise Playboy that she will show up with an entirely new head, I think it will be worth the $1 million. As a side note, Lauren Conrad's younger sister, Breanna, was offered $14.95 to be on the cover of "The Weekly Reader." In other news..

~ Lauren Conrad is a Lohan Replacement, Minus the Freckles ~ DListed
~ Jessica Biel's White Trash, No Really ~ DrunkenStepFather
~ Jodie Foster's Nylon Bum ~ NinjaDude
~ A-Fraud and Wife Spotted in Boston. Haha Good Luck There Buddy ~ CelebritySmack
~ Christina to Strip it Up? ~ AgentBedHead
~ What is a Nicky Hilton, Really? ~ Yeeeah
~ Enrique Can't Sleep. Ok. ~ POTP
~ Rhianna Thinks Crack is Wack ~ Glunp
~ Justin Guarini is Still Alive ~ EvilBeet

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I miss Weekly Reader friday's and S.R.A.