Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lindsay Gets Ready for Future Crotch-Shots

Lindsay must be getting ready to bust on out of Promises of a New Day rehab. Is she sober? Off drugs? No clue. I just think Lindsay is doing her stretches in order to get ready for some near future crotch shots. Have we seen a sober Lindsay No Pants get out of a limo or off a boat while flashing her "gentleman greeter" to the paparazzi? Doubtful. However, it is important that she does these exercises in order to put her best "foot" forward once it's time to swing by Hyde again. As a side note, somewhere in the world right now Dina Lohan is in the same position...but for an entirely different reason.

1 comment:

dirtydisher said...

"gentleman greeter" LMFAO!