Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Moynahan Almost Due, Brady Still Banging

Bridget Moynahan is about to bust out a kid any day now and was showing of her bowling ball Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, "A Time for Heroes" party. Nobody likes a bragger Bridget. Also, stop making Tom Brady feels so bad. I mean the guy is trying to focusing on banging his supermodel unpregnant girlfriend. You hear that? Supermodel. Unpregnant. How is he supposed to enjoy himself and focus on his kick-ass life if you're always parading around with your stomach hanging out? I think it's really selfish of you Bridget, really selfish. You better not try to ruin our Patriots season like you did last year with your pregnancy. How the hell long have you been pregnant for anyway? Oh, I meant best wishes. In other Bridget Moynahan news, there isn't any.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am really kind of slow when it comes to stuff like this so you will have to forgive me. Is this suppose to be a dig a Bridget or Tom? Like I said, sometimes I am slow at getting things so I need a little help.

Pop Culture said...

It's really a free-for-all. It's kind of like "Choose Your Own Adventure." You pick the ending that you like the best or pick the person that you like the least.