Monday, June 04, 2007

Paris Goes to Jail

Well it's official. Paris Hilton is some officially fighting off bitches in prison. Paris, her mom, and her lifeless sister, Nicky, got together and took Paris to jail to turn herself in and start her 23 day sentence. This comes just hours after Paris was at the MTV Movie Awards, which by the way besides the opening with Sara Silverman was horrible. I think Paris sitting through that entire award show was punishment enough. Halfway through I was thinking, why do I care who wins these categories? What do these categories even mean? My God, I'm 65 years old. Anyway, back to Paris. Paris was interviewed during the pre-show by SuChin Pak, awkwardly, and Paris talked about being scared to go to the slammer, but was ready to do her time and wants others to look at her situation and make better decisions in their lives. That's hot.
Enjoy prison Paris. Become a woman or perhaps even a mother while you're there. We'll miss you these next 22 remaining days and look forward to seeing your wonky eye back on television and your bad acting back on the silver screen soon.

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DebilDog said...

Oz...don't bite the hand that feeds you!