Friday, June 01, 2007

A-Rod Cheats on Wife, Yankees Still Suck. Karma?

Nobody on the Red Sox would ever cheat on their wife. Ever. You can try to find someone who has and you won't be able to because the Red Sox are perfect. A-Rod, on the other hand, has allegedly cheated on his wife and was spotted with some random blond chick going in an out of a strip club. Da-da-duuuunnnn. Meanwhile A-Rod's wife, Cynthia, has packed up her crap and was seen leaving their upper east side apartment and wouldn't talk with reporters. With all of this "hoopla" going on A-Rod doesn't feel that any of this will hurt his team or his game. He said, "I certainly don't think this will be a distraction to our team." Really? Because I think you guys are still like 13 games behind the Red Sox. See? Cheaters never win the World Series. Wait, that's how that saying goes, right?

Other fun A-Fraud allegations include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • A-Fraud was a regular at the VIP Club in NYC
  • A-Fraud likes "muscular she-male" type strippers
  • A-Fraud is known as the "king of the strip clubs"
  • A-Fraud goes to a private Chelsea club that has "after-hours sex romps" Romps?
  • He has "text-message-sex" with random strippers from around the US

Check out the rest of the article here for more A-Fraud fun! P.S, don't email me telling me that I suck or the Red Sox suck. I'm perfect and the Red Sox are perfect. God bless.


Waterlilly said...

"text message sex"??????!!!!!?????

wow that's a new one. What a loser.


Terry said...

I loved this post and linked it to my blog. It is hilarious! Keep writing. Please!

Anonymous said...

red sox suck, you guys can kiss my butt. Guys lke david ortiz probably cheat on there wifes every night. Arod and the yankees are awesome.

Anonymous said...

or maybe the guys are too ugly to have any other girlfriends, right?

Anonymous said...

this website is a fraude, and the guy who wrote it is tottaly wrong. or maybe red sox fans just dont think, like their players