Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Saint Jennifer Lopez Becomes Asian?

Wow, I think it's been a good week or two since I poked a little fun at Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx. So, it's time. I just came across these ads of J. Glow for Louis Vuitton. The could be old, they could be new, they could be fake. Regardless I think it's important to note that Saint Jennifer is more than just a triple threat. J. Glow has conquered the world of music. She's conquered the world of dance. She's conquered the world of acting. She's conquered the world of reality television. She's conquered the world of fashion design. She's conquered the world of modeling. And now, she's even conquered her own race and has moved on to another race to conquer...Asian. Seriously, she looks Asian in these photos...not that there's anything wrong with that, just an observation. Would it be crossing the line if I started calling her "J. Grow" instead of J. Glow? Say it out loud, you'll know what I mean. See you in hell!

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LD said...

hahahahaha oh i know what u mean!! LOL muda fuka... its a revere thang hahahha... 1 2 3 !!!