Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Al Qaeda Hearts "The Google"

Let me tell ya, not drinking directly after work really allows you to learn some interesting things. For example, I got home from work last night (I'm a surgeon) and put on the NBC Nightly News, which apparently exists, and learned a lot! For example, there is still a war going on over in Iraq. I assumed it was the Korean War, but I guess that ended like 5 years ago or something. Even more interesting, there was a whole story on the Al Qaeda and how many people are starting to join the Al Qaeda simply by Googling some of their favorite terrorist terms and finding websites where you can start taking some Al Qaeda classes. No joke. They interviewed this one guy who said he literally was searching on "jihad" and "al qaeda" and that's how he got himself enrolled into his terrorist classes. Who knew becoming a terrorist was so easy and efficient!? Seriously, the whole world is going to implode. Those terrorist trainees must realllly be focused. I mean, every time I start searching for anything in Google I always get sidetracked by all this abundance of porn that's out there. I wouldn't be a good terrorist. Oh well, I can always try hard to be a good illegal immigrant. Oh wait, nevermind. Doh!

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EM said...

damn you are so damn funny!