Monday, August 20, 2007

Britney's New Combover

It's basically the end of summer so it's a perfect time for Britney Spears to let her combover really breathe! Everyone is making such a big deal out of Britney not wearing her wig and showing her natural hair. I say put the wig back on. At this point I would say buy a Halloween 'fright' wig. It would definitely be a step up. Look, I never thought Julie Andrews was hot and I don't think this look it working for Britney either. Such a mess. No joke, Britney looks like she's pushing her 40's, not her mid 20's. She's about a few hairs away from saying things like, "I'm so glad my friend told me about once-a-month Boniva..." Good luck with your osteoporosis Britney! Do whatever it takes to knock Sally Field off of her soapbox!

1 comment:

Irishstayc said...

How on God's green earth does this woman have any hair left? between the brok-ass weaves and the coloring I'm surprised it isn't fried beyond repair!

Oh yeah - it screams Soccer Mom!