Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting to Know YOU! Oh, and YOU are Nuts.

I present to you another installment of Getting to Know YOU where we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow arriving at ImBringingBloggingBack. People are nuts. Go figure. So enjoy the craziness and my commentary.
  • Lindsay Lohan can't eat my diaper (of course she can't when she's in rehab. duh.)

  • Alex Trebek gossip (really? I mean, "what is really?")

  • Are you sassing your grandmother? (no, I would NEVER sass my grandmother).

  • Cultural butt size j lo (I don't even know what that means, but glad I could help!)

  • Everybody gets schools (Oprah must be up to something again)

  • Girl shooting beer out of her ass (happy hour?)

  • Toothless crackwhore (is she single?)

  • Bedazzled prom theme (sounds like a hot prom)

  • Blogging for boobs (wow, this whole time I was just doing it for money)

  • I'm pregnant, cat stopped using litter box (the cat is totally the father)

  • Harriet Carter lead paint (God forbid!)

  • Doing coke from same bag hepatitis (wow, you sound very busy with things right now)

  • What happened to Heidi's puppy (Heidi got 2 new puppies and 1 new nose)

  • Too old to wear Abercrombie (if you're even asking, the answer is "yes")

  • Teri Snatcher (always makes me laugh)

  • Picture of Mickey Mouse sticking middle finger up (if you find this, send it to me)

  • Nell Furtado having sex with Elmo (who's "Nell Furtado?" Nell Carter maybe. R.I.P)

  • Steve Sanders or Spencer Pratt (looks like my nickname is catching on!)

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