Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey Look! Paris DID Make Your Little Girl Into a Whore! You Owe Me $50.00. Pay Up.

I don't know how I missed this last week, but Paris Hilton was at the debut of her own denim and sportswear crap she made at Kitson in Beverly Hills. Now I'm not sure if this is the little girl from another country who actually made the clothes for about 13 cents an hour and is handcuffed to her sowing machine...or if she's just a fan of Paris. Regardless, I think it's great that her parents allowed her to dress like a whore at such a young age. She has the Paris Hilton look down to a science, although she isn't quite as orange as one would like. Someone call DSS.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think she is really a little girl?? Maybe she is a midget. If she is a midget and is at least 18 yrs old, she is responsible for what she does.
So maybe you owe me the $50.00, pay up!