Monday, August 13, 2007

...In Other News...

Ah-ha! I knew that the Olsen Sluts were really Siamese twins! The Olsen's must be lurking the NYC area because they were rubbing bony little elbows with other celebrities in the Hampton's over the weekend. As a side note, James Taylor looks less than psyched in the background. On a positive note, I see Olsen teeth, which can sometimes symbolize a smile. I'm hot on your trail Olsen's! Sleep with one tired and cracked-out eye open! In other news...

~ Merv Griffin Takes a Dirt Nap. I Mean, "What is a Dirt Nap? " ~ CelebritySmack
~ Amy Winehouse Doesn't Do Rehab (Insert Rehab Lyrics Here___) ~ AgentBedHead
~ Trump Hearts His Mullet ~ CityRag
~ The Holmes-Cruises Go for a Walk ~ DListed
~ Crystal Gayle Still Alive and Kicking (and pissing on her hair) ~ PopBytes
~ More Olsen ~ EvilBeet
~ Megan Fox/Gillian Anderson Mother/Daughter? ~ FatBack
~ Does Paris Smoke the Marijuana Cigarettes That All the Kids are Doing? ~ NinjaDude
~ A 50 Cent Bitch Fight ~ POTP
~ Debra Messing Explodes ~ Yeeeah
~ Ricky Martin Still Has a Career Somewhere ~ MollyGood

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