Thursday, August 16, 2007

J Lo to Continue Ruining Music, Live.

Fresh off the heels of her "hit" movie El Cantante, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx and her husband Marc "turrets" Anthony have decided to join forces once again and go on tour again. They're like the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for those of us who look forward to blood shooting out of our ears. They will be performing 14 concerts in very fancy places such as Atlantic City, New Jersey, and then will close out the show in Miami. More than likely J Glow will just be singing "Waiting for Tonight" on repeat. You could probably save a few bucks if you buy it as an iTune and then have you're little sister lip sync to it. Sure she won't have the same dance moves as Saint Jennifer, but you'll experience the same euphoria as being right there at the concert.

In even better Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx news, she will be release yet another CD on October 9th, but this time it's in English. Great, thanks. The CD will be titled "Brave" and I think that really says a lot. However, I think it really speaks to how brave the record labels are to continue to give her money to make "music." Hopefully the CD will also consist of various remixes of "Waiting for Tonight."

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