Friday, August 24, 2007

Nicole Richie's Mugshot From Heaven

So by the time I got around to blogging about it, Nicole Richie checked herself into jail and then was told she's has served her debt to society just 82 minutes later. So it's old new by now...even old news for my standards. However I got a kick out of her latest (yes latest) mugshot. Where the hell is the photographer taking this picture from? The ceiling? I picture that the photographer is literally hanging from the ceiling and Nicole is looking up to make her mugshot official.
Anyway, Lindsay Lohan (old news) will only be serving 1 day at best for her DUIs, etc. So what's the messaging here, kids? Feel free to drink, do drugs, and then use your car as a missile as you drive up and down the wrong side of the highway and/or crash into a pole, over the sidewalk, etc and worst case scenario you will only serve a day in jail. No big deal. It's like a vacation day!
Props to Nicole for adding more beautiful pictures to her unborn child's baby book. One day she can flip through her baby book with her son/daughter and say, "Now this one was taken when mommy was 5 months pregnant with you an went to jail...." Clearly a Norman Rockwell moment.

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Chris said...

She reminds me of Angelina Jolie's character Lisa from Girl, Interrupted.