Friday, August 24, 2007

Reason #46321 Why I Love Dina Lohan

There are many reasons why I heart Dina Lohan, clearly. I heart Dina because I bet she would be a blast to do shots with and/or drink with during the day. I heart Dina because she dresses like she's 21 and goes to the same bars and clubs that her daughter goes to. I heart Dina because when she gives interviews about her train wreck of a family she makes it seem like everything is a-ok and we are the crazy ones. This time around Dina reached out to VH1 (for whatever reason) to let them know that "My children and I are in a wonderful place in our lives."
Yes Dina, you and your children are in a wonderful place. Your youngest daughter just crashed the car after sneaking out of the house and your oldest daughter is experiencing her 3rd attempt at rehab and, while won't be serving a ton of time for her multiple DUIs, she will be spending at least 1 day in jail. Hallelujah! It IS a joyous day for the Lohan family! Apparently just making it through the day without killing someone makes it a "wonderful place" for the Lohan's.

P.S Why do the Lohan's blow VH1?

Who Said That!?!

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