Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Wants to See Anna Nicole Die Again?

No joke they could have made a better movie if they used the actual dead bodies of Anna Nicole and Daniel and made their arms and hands move by pulling strings. Think "Weekend at Bernie Part 5." So in case you couldn't get enough of the "story of Anna Nicole" you can now watch it all over again with a whole new cast of characters thanks to FOX! So who plays who, you ask?

  • Willa Ford plays Anna Nicole Smith
  • Patrick Ryan Anderson plays Daniel
  • Richard Herd plays Howard Marshall II
  • Chris Delvin plays Howard K Stern
  • Bobby Trendy plays Bobby Trendy

I think I knew only one of those people. Boring. Here's who I would have cast:

  • The mother from "Family Matters" plays Anna Nicole
  • Either Nicki or Alex from Full House plays Daniel
  • Judge Wapner plays Howard Marshall II
  • Quagmire from Family Guy plays Howard K Stern
  • Margaret Cho plays Bobby Trendy

And I'm pissed that "Kimmy" was never cast. Therefore I would cast:

  • Janet Reno plays Kimmy

Screw you Rusty!

Who Said That!?!
Who Wants to See Anna Nicole Die Again?

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