Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Damn You Jessica Alba!

Damn you Jessica Alba, damn you straight to the fiery pits of hell! Jessica just loves to rub it in my face that she has a "boyfriend." Well now I think it's just getting to the point where she's just being mean about it. Jessica is supposed to be picking out things for me to wear and holding it up to me and by "picking out" I mean "buying" and by "holding it up to me" I mean "her boobs." Ok, now that we're all squared away on that, Jessica Alba and her "boyfriend" (blah) Cash Warren spent a little quality time (i.e her money) at a store in Malibu. Hurtful.

Damn You Jessica Alba!

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Anonymous said...

I swear some evil guy sent out a memo to all guys that they should be in love with Jessica Alba. I don't get it, especially when she's constantly talking about how how she is. Ewww. Never a sexy thing to toot your own toot.