Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Heidi Montag Lives in an Alley

Breaking Heidi Montard news: Heidi drinks root beer and, even with money, still dresses like white-trash. Perhaps this is the what the homeless wear in the alley? I'm just going to assume that the Styrofoam container on the ground in the background is for Spencer/Steve Sanders. Sorry, I had to write "Spencer." I've gotten ridiculous emails letting me know that I call him "Steve Sanders" but his name is really "Spencer Pratt." Yeah, thanks for the "red alert" retards. Steve Sanders is the joke that I've beaten into this blog over and over again way back in season 2. Anyway, Heidi Montard belongs in the alley that she paid the paparazzi to follow her through.

Side note: That may not be a Styrofoam container in the background. That could actually be Audrina smiling while laying on the ground. It's a tough call.


ibbeckyb said...

Can't believe people actually e-mailed you about Steve Sanders. Maybe it was really Steve Sanders masquerading as someone else. Or maybe it was his mustache e-mailing you.

Anonymous said...

My eyes are watering from laughing so hard at your sidenote about the styrofoam thingie/Audrina lying down smiling. Good one!