Friday, September 21, 2007

The Hills Elodie Otto: Ode to Elodie

My Dearest Elodie (this is best read in a British accent, trust me),

You are quite the mystery to me. You, Elodie, are a surprise for me this season on The Hills. At first I thought your main role was just to make weird faces at the camera and continually lurk by Heidi's office. However, you have turned out to be so much more to me. A friend, a sister, a stranger, and one who spurted out the phrase "See Ya" to Heidi in only a way that a drunken truck driver could. I applaud you Elodie, I applaud you. I am a little confused by your name, but it only adds to the mystery of Elodie Otto. Hello Motto, I always think. Missing the "M" in Elodie (Melodie) and missing the "m" in Otto (Motto). This only adds so the intrigue. You, Elodie, are a cunning little minx and are as sly as a fox.

I can only look back with regret that we weren't Myspace friends yesteryear, as I would have signed up to be your new roommate. Damn my "Johnny Come Lately" attitude. I took your existence for granted, Elodie. I took you for granted. A spacious 2-bedroom? I say we get bunk-beds, share the room, and make the spare bedroom a shrine to Heidi and/or her new boobs. I haven't decided yet.

My dearest Elodie, so what is next for you? Shall you be pissing in Heidi's coffee? Shan't you start throwing hay-makers at Steve Sanders? Shall you drug Lisa Loveless and make her into the woman that she deserves to be? Shan't you say "See Ya!" in many more episodes? Shall you quit BoltHouse? Shan't you say "shall?" Oh Elodie. Oh my Elodie. You are a God-send to Season 3 of The Hills. You are a God-send to me.
The Hills Elodie: Ode to Elodie
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jackieo said...

ive been reading your hills posts all night and ive gotta say ive been cracking up. everything you say is things ive thought of and never said out loud, only glorified because you say them in such funny senses. bravo seriously haha!