Monday, September 17, 2007

If Angelina Jolie is Pregnant I'm Gonna Be Pissed.

If Angelina really is pregnant again I'm going to seriously be pissed. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting...and waiting and then when I was done waiting I've waited some more to be adopted by Angelina Jolie. Sorry Ma and Dad I know you are my parents and stuff, but I'm ready to upgrade to Angelina Jolie to be both my mother and my father. It's nothing personal, it's just about continuing my plan to "Sell Out in Year 2" of IBBB.

This latest picture of Angelina Jolie walking around Venice with her son/daughter "What's Its Face" and looking like she may be "with child." I mean she doesn't look as much like she's pregnant as she does look like she may have just had a beer. She better not be pregnant. I am totally next in line to be adopted. Don't worry I'll still blog, but I'll be waaaaay more rich.

Angelina Jolie Pregnant?


greg said...

Ass Hole. Again. How come it's the uninformed, the misanthropic that write dribble.

Since, for instance, Jolie has PAID the UN to represent them, AND NOW pays,not only her owN way, but flies commercial with only one photographer -- insisted upon by the UNHCR to draw attention to her Able then to draw the attention to all the horrific plights and needs of refugees. I guess they made her Ambassador because she was so self-involved and ineffective...? Publicity hog since 2001? She gives 1/3 her (obviously large) salary (which she damn well works hard for) to setting up charities and giving directly to any that are non-profit, and/or do not spend all the donated monies for fund raising and administration.

What have you done lately, Scmuck?

Next to Bono,they with others,are
effective/affective in raising awareness and money.

Brad, by the by, is doing more than
our govt. along with other private
giving for healing, aiding peoples, etc. from Katrina. Seen pix of New Orleans lately? 9th Ward?

You pay taxes. Why not write about our non-compassionate and with- holding administration, together with a no good bureaucracy under Chernoff. And,"Good job, Brownie" FEMA!

Pop Culture said...

Hi Greg - your points are very well taken.

Oh and P.S -> Your mother's a whore and your father holds the money.

fish face said...

Hey Greg...Get laid much?

greg said...

Pop Culture: Cheap shot om the dead but alive: kind and religious mid-westerners.

Fishface? Such an attractive moniker. Laid? A lot in my distant
youth but still doing pretty good at
79. You?