Tuesday, September 18, 2007

...In Other News...

That Teri Snatchfest really is a triple threat: old, stupid and a singer. You don't find talent like that just any day. But you do today. You do the math! Anyway, Teri performed at an after Emmy's party for TV Guide. What a real treat. You know what Teri? There's a war going on right now. Go fight in it. In other news...

~ Kanye Continues Bitchfest '07 ~ CelebritySmack
~ Courtney Love is a Treat, a Real Treat ~ AgentBedHead
~ Angelina Says She Ain't No Skanked Out Whore ~ DirtyDisher
~ Brad Pitt Stole My Look ~ PopBytes
~ Mary Louise Parker Hits Up Africa ~ POTP
~ Vanessa Hudgens is On the Market? ~ NinjaDude
~ Beyonce Has Wax Ass ~ AllieIsWired
~ Rosie Gives "The Diss" to Oprah ~ Yeeeah
~ Jessica Simpson Goe Daisy Duke Again, Sweeeet ~ FatBack

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