Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mariah Believes in Science

2 Mariah posts in one-week = world implosion. Buckle up. Mariah was at t VH1 Save the Music brew-ha-ha (??) and when asked about why this night was important, Mariah gave this answer: "I feel like this night is important for children and parents because music actually does help children learn. It's scientifically proven. When schools start cutting programs, it's very disheartening."

Well wait, stop the press. If "science" says it, it must be true! Science can't prove that Jesus existed either. You still believe that you blasphemous whore? Ding ding ding! I couldn't care less about this story except that fact that I've been waiting months and months to use the phrase "blasphemous whore." Clearly, I can check that goal off the list.

Mariah continued discussing other topics such as music, herself, and that about raps it up.

Mariah Believes in Science

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