Monday, September 10, 2007

Nelly Furtado Sells Out and It Works!

Since year 2 of IBBB is all about selling out, I fully support others who like to embrace the spirit of selling out, i.e. Nelly Furtado. Nelly dragged her ass to the pre-VMA party at the Mirage hotel in Vegas the other day and surprised everyone with her new blond hair and eyebrows. While many people are up in arms about this change I say "good for her" in quotes. When push comes to shove I think everyone should go blond. Hopefully the next step will be for Nelly Furtado to change her name to Nelly Smith or Nelly O'Brien. I'm looking for something extra generic. First thing starts with the blond hair and a few steps forward we can all hope to see Nelly Furtado's "gentleman greeter" stepping out of a limo. Perhaps rehab after that? One can only hope. Life isn't as fun when there's not a train wreck to watch. Fingers (and eyes) crossed...but not for too long. You can go blind from that I think. I don't know. Someone try it out and tell me what happens.

Nelly Furtado Sells Out and It Works!


Anonymous said...

nelly furtado has
been around since
2000. she is nothing
like these other twits.
maybe, just maybe she just
wanted to change her hair color.
selling out, my ass! nelly is
incredibly talented & very
beautiful. just let her be!

~*Nicole*~ said...

I agree with the previous post.

People blow shit out of proportion...especially when it comes to celebrities. It is true that Nelly's sound has changed (switching from the bohemian/indie sound to hip-hop/r&b) since she started, but I think the change is for the better. Change doesn't always have to mean someone is selling out. Do you think Justin has sold out because he doesn't sing pop music anymore? I think he changed for the better too.

Bottom line: selling out is when a person changes their outer appearance or something about themselves for the wrong reasons. But, if a person changes something about themselves as part of an evolution or as they learn more about themselves, I see nothing wrong with that. Everyone has had that happen at one point or another.

lucky said...

I just want to say... since when is everybody taking this blog so f-ing seriously? Jeez. Lighten up!!!

And Britney sucks.