Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh Yeah, Lindsay Lohan is Still Alive

I almost completely forgot that Lindsay Lohan was actually still alive until I saw these pictures. Then I was like, oh yeah she is. I should post these. That was my thought process. Anyway, Lindsay was allowed into Utah society (i.e the rehab parking lot) for a quick smoke and coffee break, but then it was right back to being handcuffed to her bed and forcing her to watch clips from Hilary Duff movies. Once Lindsay can make it through an entire Hilary Duff clip without begging for coke and/or vodka she is deemed officially cured and can be released. At least I think that's how her rehab works. Lindsay was rocking her Top Gun t-shirt and apparently the air in Utah is a little chilly (side note, 6 more weeks of autumn). As you can see in the second photo, while Lindsay's spirits are said to be "high" she barely has enough energy to give her trademark "peace" sign. Stay strong, Lindsay, stay strong. America (just North America, not South America) is praying for you.

Oh Yeah, Lindsay Lohan is Still Alive

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Anonymous said...

I can't stand her.

She should permanently be locked away from society.