Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekly Audrina and Justin Bobby Update

Awesome! Audrina and Justin Bobby from "The Hills" are still going strong. Justin Bobby and Audrina were out and about somewhere doing something or coming back from somewhere. It doesn't really matter though as they are "Audrina and Justin Bobby." They're like the new Ken and Barbie...if Barbie was missing her upper lip, had too many teeth in her mouth, and had droopy lazy eyes....and Ken was a crackhead who needed a bath. What? Just sayin. I want to interview Audrina's teeth.


*..Jeru..* said...

What is wrong with her teeth? SCAAAAAARY!!! :S

Anonymous said...

A couple years from now Audrina will be in fetal position in her shower, crying and pulling out her large horse teeth because of the flashbacks of having sex with disgusting Justin Bobby. I can tell he's gross in the sack. For instance, he looks like he smells like ass.