Thursday, October 11, 2007

America's Next Top Model: Makeovers

IBBB employee of the month, Jenny, is back to recap last nights episode of America's Next Top Model. It's her favorite show, "the makeover episode." Here are her thoughts on how things went down:

  • Sweet. It's the makeover episode, which usually includes some tears, tantrums and burning scalps.
  • Tyra uses technology to show the girls what they will look like after their makeover. What a let-down. This totally defeats the purpose of this episode. I may as well stop watching. Well, maybe I'll hang in there to see whose scalp shoots flames.
  • Nice. Ebony's weave is literally glued to her skin. Now I'm not a "weavologist" (yes, that's an actual thing), but isn't it bad luck to rubber-cement your weave to the skin on your temples?
  • Oops. They are having second thoughts about dying Bianca (Kool-Aid Bangs) blond. The experts agree that if they dye it, her hair will fall off into the sink. Cue the buzzers, cue the tears. They are shaving her head. Cheer up Bianca. Your Mama made you strong. Tyra will make you Army strong.
  • The girls participate in a makeup challenge and the prize is a video shoot for Cover Girl. It looks like a rugby match as the girls knock each other around trying to finish the challenge in time.
  • Sara wins the challenge. Who cares?
  • Side note. Janet's eyebrows do not match her hair. Not even a little.
  • This week's photo shoot features the girls as various flowers.
  • Chantal is psyched to be Baby's Breath. I don't know why. Baby's Breath hasn't been "pretty" since every wedding in the 1980's.
  • Chantal begins to cry during her photo shoot. Someone must have clued her in on the whole "Baby's Breath is retarded" thing.
  • It's judging time and Tyra points out that Miss Jay's afro is an inch larger. Who is responsible for measuring this? Is it the weavologist?
  • Tyra uses witty analogies like "who's getting pruned?" and "which flower is getting plucked?" Is there ANYTHING Tyra can't do?
  • Victoria is no longer in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. She couldn't care less. She says this isn't her dream and her heart isn't in it. Then why the long face? Baa-hahaha.

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