Monday, October 01, 2007

Britney Dirt Nap Rumors, Again

It wouldn't be a new week without a new "Britney Wants to Take a Dirt-Nap" rumor. This time around, Britney was allegedly suicidal last week following her custody battle over her two kids, "What's His Face" and "The Other One." It's like a black cloud follows Britney. Maybe the bad luck is that bird hat that she's always wearing. All Italians know that birds are bad luck. All Italians. I've polled all of them and they all answered...and they all said, "yes birds are bad luck."

So the rest of the article about Britney is even funnier because "a close friend" claims that she is going to try to get back with KFed so he drops the custody battle and if that doesn't work she's going to take the kids and flee to Cuba. Ohhhh I totally hope it's the second option. I'd love Britney to be in Cuba. Oh, or Greenland. That would be great!

Who Claims This Crap!?
Britney Dirt Nap Rumors, Again

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Sixes&Sevens said...

Good Call...Greenland would be an excellent option for Ms. Spears...word on the street is that Lisa Turtle heads to Greenland occasionally too...maybe they can meet up and do a wicked collaboration for Brit's upcoming album tour...and by collaboration I mean maybe Britney can learn a thing or two about dancing from the inventor of a little dance craze I like to call "The Lisa"....goodness knows "The Lisa" would be far more entertaining than what went down at the VMA's this year...although, I wonder if you can still do "The Lisa" whilst taking a dirt nap...I guess if you're in Greenland then technically there shouldn't be any dirt because the "green" negates the "dirt" and then if you carry the 2 and divide by 12,3469 then doing "The Lisa" post-dirt nap should be entirely scientifically probable...wait I think I just discovered the equation for something highly my head hurts and I've lost my train of brilliant thought....I hate when that all I can seem to remember is thinking that "Dirt Nap" is quite possibly one of the best phrases EVER!!!!