Friday, October 19, 2007

Britney Runs Over Paparazzi Dude

As soon as you post one Britney story another one pops up. I don't even have the time to post the story about Britney possibly getting her lips done last night (you guess which lips). Anyway, Britney was just simply trying to drive y'all in Beverly Hills when she ran over the foot/leg of a paparazzi dude who works for Look, I'm not going to say that it's actually her fault as the paparazzi are like invisible ninjas, but maybe all the crap that she has in her car is a bit distracting. She has shoes hanging from her rear-view mirror, a pumpkin hanging from the same mirror, 5 additional plastic pumpkins lined up on her dashboard, and flyers and probably parking tickets still attached to her windshield underneath her wipers. Plus, with all the farting that she probably does while driving, who could concentrate on the actual task at hand...driving.
At this time, calls to good old Brit were not returned and this paparazzi dude has yet to file a police report. In related news, Britney apparently cut a deal with the lady in her original hit-and-run case just the other day. She should use whatever deal she worked out from that one on her new possible hit-and-run case. It's all about learning.

Britney Runs Over Paparazzi Dude

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