Thursday, October 25, 2007

Celine Dion's Thoughts on Britney Spears

Yeah so Celine is clearly a whole steaming pile of crazy, which is great. With everyone checking into rehab it's great to have a celebrity on the front lines of "crazy" and can still be all 6's and 7's even though they're sober. Celine was interviewed by Access Hollywood about her new album, which I assume is titled "The Titanic Soundtrack." However, that crazy little minx, Nancy O'Dell threw a monkey wrench at Celine when she specifically asked her this question and I mean specifically she asked, "If you could have her [Britney] ear right now and shed a little advice what would you say to her." To which Celine responded:

"I would definitely would love to, you know, open my heart, give her my ear, my arms, my comfort zone. For sure. I wish for her to be as fortunate to have people in her surrounding to help her to achieve what how she sees herself and what she wants to do. She'll be ok. She'll be ok."

Wait, what? Please note I did not mistype or misspell. That is word for word what Celine said. Celine, kiddo, did you arrive to America on a boat? Does she smell burnt toast? Is she having a stroke? What in the hell are you talking about? What does that even mean? Nancy O'Dell asked you what you would say to Britney. If that's what you would say to Britney I think Britney would think you were high on something and then would try to buy drugs off you. Just kidding, she wouldn't try to buy drugs off you. She'd mug you for those drugs and then stuff them in her son's pocket and then make him walk home. Then she would crash her own car and flash her "gentlemen greeter" while exiting her vehicle. She'd toss out a few "y'alls" to the paparazzi and then she'd go home and use those drugs...assuming her son, "What's His Face" made it home.

I love that Celine has a new album out, but only because it means we'll be hearing more unintelligible things like that!
Source: Me Watching TV


Anonymous said...

She is from Quebec. They speak french over there. At least she can speak English. What other language can you Americans speak?

your face said...

We can also speak shut the hell up in America.

P.S. Quebec sucks.

Bethany Tiller said...

It's good to see that Celine felt compelled to borrow Heather's (of Rock of Love "fame") dress from the final elimination. Now, if only Celine had gone the extra mile and pulled out the 80's tease just like Heather.

Anonymous said...

What she meants is, she'd definitely try to comfort Britney, she'd love to help her. That's what the first part says and what the question is about. Second, Celine says that if Britney was surrounded with positive and different people, she'd probably be a better person. I love Celine, she's so sweet! Oh yeah, and I love Quebec!!