Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Donna Martin Says "Don't Hit."

Donna Martin was at the "Marshall's 'Til it Stops" event and the "Sojourn Shelter Services' 30th Anniversary Gala" over the weekend telling people "don't hit." First off, I have no idea if the two above mentioned events are the same thing or not. Second, fine, Tori Spelling didn't say "don't hit," but I think it would be great if she did. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt and her tied up boobs stopped by the event to show her support.

Since this was all for a women's abuse shelter I think it's perfect that Donna stopped by. She has first hand experience from that time that Ray Pruitt tossed her down the stairs on 90210. Now, I can't recall him ever hitting her with an open fist, but definitely took her "sledding" down a flight or two of stairs. Ray Pruitt, what a real son-of-a-bitch. I tell ya, if Jim and Cindy Walsh had intervened, none of that mess would have happened. Didn't Valeria get knocked around a few times? Kelly Taylor? I think she did, right? Wait, she was trapped in that fire. Brenda? No, I'm sure she did the punching. Andrea got run over by a bus, right? Ugh. It's hard to keep up and I have no clue what I was originally talking about. Oh yeah, fighting women. Yeah, that's bad, don't do it. It would have been nice, however, if Tori and Jennifer Love also helped these women by providing them with a list of possible excuses on why they have a black eye. They could have chosen from any of the below:

  • Dinner was late
  • I tripped on the roast and hit the doorknob
  • I burnt the roast
  • I accidentally answered the iron again
  • I lost a sock in the laundry
  • I got too chatty
  • I really am a bitch
  • It's winter

Now that's really helping people! Oh, and yes, I am destined to burn in the fiery pits of hell where, I'm sure, I will run into Shannon Doherty. Hopefully she likes tanning and iced coffee. Hell can be a real treat.

Donna Martin Says "Don't Hit."


that's what she said...

it's too bad they couldn't get ray pruitt to show up with his guitar and sing "hold on"

was the event held at the peach pit after dark? or the PPAD as it's better known to the cool kids?

Anonymous said...

did "PRUITT" really make your blog?? love it