Friday, October 19, 2007

Getting to Know YOU!

It's lazy Friday blogging, so you know what that means....Time for another installment of Getting to Know YOU! Here we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow landing on ImBringingBloggingback. Brilliant. As always, I list out my favorites of the past week and add my own thoughts after. Enjoy it, but not too much.

  • Hills recap Steve Sanders (I love how this is sweeping the nation)
  • Mary Kate Olsen the challenge montezuma's revenge (an Olsen with explosive diarrhea? hot!)
  • Audrina's vagina (it smiles as bright as her teeth)
  • Forum for daytime wetting in adults (imagine their shock when they land on this site?)
  • "Horse ass" photographs (IBBB caters to those with horse fetishes)
  • AC Slater I get money and bitches and cars remix (Jessie will be pissed)
  • Baby daddy day (oh snap. oh no you didn't!)
  • Can't afford clothes (Britney? Is that you typing?)
  • End of world signs 2007 (you finding this blog)
  • I look a bit like Sarah Jessica Parker and the old Ashlee Simpson with a bigger nose what hairstyle will suit me (a hairstyle that incorporates a paper bag)
  • Kimmy Gibbler gave me an STD (me too!)
  • Orange slices, jlo (I don't even know what that means)
  • Sprinting sluts (sluts on the loose! sluts on the loose!)


Meryl Vs. Glen...Twins? said...

So, basically you're saying that if I get confused (and by confused I mean slightly intoxicated) and temporarily forget that the abbreviation for the blog site is "IBBB" rather than "I-Triple-B," (or is it the other way around?) then I will still be able to locate said blog by visiting my dear friend and distant Uncle, Mr. Google, and entering the following search:

Steve Sanders recently developed a penchant for horse ass (while visiting Heidi's horse-filled hometown) and was craving this delicacy recently but, alas, he was in L.A. and horse ass, regrettably, does not readily exist (unless it's baby daddy day, in which case many horse asses, albeit of a different kind, are prevalent). When he was unable to find said delicacy, he decided Audrina's vagina would be the next best thing (obviously his teeth and her "down under" teeth are attracted to each other and want to make lovely, blinding baby teeth). So, Steve decided to turn on his charm when he approached Audrina and passionately stated: "yo, yo, yo I got money, bitches and cars so what do you say we grab some orange slices, strip you down like you can't afford clothes and slip a paper bag over your head while I rock you like it's the end of the world in 2007...and because your teeth are up to my blinding standards, I'm gonna thrown in the STD that I got from Kimmy Gibbler for free, Biyatch!"
Whew...Dizam...get me a towel because I'm sweatin' him big time...that Steve Sanders is one hell of a smooth charmer! The line starts behind me, girls, so back it up!
Okay I've composed myself now...moving on....
Unfortunately for Steve, Audrina's vagina was not quite as excited as I was by this proposition and decided to respond by spewing a little bit of montezuma's revenge his way...ouch. Steve was crushed until, upon reflection, he realized that he hadn't quite solved his daytime wetting problem as an adult and that he could have possibly found himself in an awkward position...but not the "good awkward position" kind. Alas, Mr. Sanders was forced to settle on one of the sprinting sluts passing by Audrina and LC's apartment at that moment...oh wait...turns out that the sprinting slut that Steve chose was actually Miss Heidi doing another one of her "impromptu" photo shoots!!!! Thus proving that even Douches have a soul mate in this world and, naturally, they were meant to live happily ever after in Douche-Land...which is just south of Greenland...awww...I LOVE happy endings!
That is WAY easier to remember than "IBBB" so this is good information to have because I've often wondered how I would find the site if I had a temporary mental lapse...and by "often" I mean "it's never crossed my mind." And, the answer this time is (excitingly) yes...I was/am indeed intoxicated whilst posting this, ummm, post. Which actually probably means it's not funny in the least and put you to sleep ages ago. But I would like it noted that I was still able to accurately use "albeit" in my intoxicated state....bonus points, no? I totally stole that last part from one of the titles of your posts today...but, because I'm a giver, I'm giving you full credit for my blatant plagiarism...done and done...hasta manana!!!

Bejeezus is the New Baby Jesus... said...

So, I was thinking about how I plagiarized your "blah blah blah, no?" sentence formation in my post last night (and by "thinking about" I mean I just re-read it 2.5 seconds ago and saw what I actually wrote)...oh and I also realized that I fully enjoy starting notes/posts with "So..."...I bet there is some psychological reasoning behind that, no? Doh...I just did it has been said that plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery. Really? I would love to meet the Douchebag that made this ridiculous statement because I actually see it quite differently. See, I actually feel that plagiarism is really just the literary version of a lazy man's idea of a free lunch. Did you follow that? I vaguely did and I'm slightly inclined to believe that I'm on the verge of something brilliant, but my mental capacity is such that I'm afraid my head may explode if I go back and try to reason out whether or not that could pass as a coherent comparison. Let's pretend it made sense, shall we? Yeah. Okay I actually don't have anything more to say on that subject...but it was fun while it lasted! Truth be told, I felt compelled to add another novel, er, post because, well, after spending time with Graduate Microbiology students, I'm feeling somewhat sub-par on the intellectual spectrum which is why I'm upping my IQ by posting on a blog site that is constantly advocating intellectual growth. I dont' even really know what microbiology is. Logically I would say that it must have something to do with biology being micro, but really your guess is as good as mine. But back to I-Triple-B being an intellectual advocate: I mean, there was that whole post on how Britney may, or may not, be reading the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In all fairness, she probably thought it was a biography about her Judge (the lion), her mom and/or sister (the witch), and her constant search for the most stellar pair of cowboy boots that she can pair with the shirt she likes to call a "dress" (the wardrobe). It's good to know that she's able to find books that truly mirror her life. It sorta gives you a warm feeling when that happens, doesn't it?! Good Job, Britney! Now you just need to find a book called "The Talentless Douche (KFed), The Talentless Crotch Flasher (Duh)and the Inevitably Talentless Little Twits (SPF and JJ)" and you'll be good to go! Done and Done.
Oh...btw...after I e-mailed earlier it occurred to me that you may not have actually been praising my abilities when you said I should start my own blog. That may have actually been your clever way of telling me to stop clogging your comments section...if so, then I apologize for being a just sorta happens...buenos noches!!! Viva Los Double O's! etc etc....and IIIIIIII'm spent!

Anonymous said...

ay de mi, I came to make a pony joke but someone when blog crazy so nobody is going to see it anyway. thanks for keeping the pony alive IBBB, you sick bastard!!!